FM2012 SI详解12.1中引擎的变化


这次FM2012 12.1引擎官方给出了改动的一些东西,不过小编对于最后一点很不理解,原来一直没有发现,原来训话的效果和教练本身的声望是有关系的,这叫那些开档拿皇马巴塞的玩家情何以堪啊,大牌球星们各种无视你.....下面一起来看看此次的改动吧,蓝色为原因,红字为翻译!

- we made AI attacking corner routines more similar to the human ones that we know are effective. But to balance things we also made delivery of corners a bit less accurate and also made it harder to head the ball accurately under severe pressure.


- we made AI managers use touchline instructions a bit better. Main one used more is 'work ball into box' for the higher standard teams.


- I fixed a slightly curious bug in the positioning of full backs in the defensive third of the pitch which in theory allowed teams to get in behind defences too easily in wide areas.

修正了一个罕见的 bug。边后卫在后场选位时,可能会让对方在边路轻松突破后防

- team talk changes relating to managers world reputation in relation to works rep of their players. This would probably only apply if you are a low reputation manager in charge of a team of international standard players.